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Automobile Photography Suggestions for Novices

Helpful advice for taking pictures of your 4-wheeled friend

Automotive pictures is often considered as one of the vital thrilling and exciting genres to shoot. Although you might not essentially have access to supervehicles value more than your house, you’ll be able to still have enjoyable experimenting with this subject – even when it’s just taking pics of your family car. Here we provide some advice on the right way to get started with inventive automobile photography.

Automobile pictures suggestions: before you start

Should you like, you can head straight outside and start photographing your loved ones car. Nevertheless, in case your automobile’s just sat on the driveway, it’s unlikely to yield particularly exciting or totally different results. Instead, spend some time scouting for car photography locations which can be going to work well.

Think about factors like: where could be an excellent backdrop, what location makes sense for the car (when you’ve got a normal automobile, plonking it in the middle of a area makes less sense than in case you have an off-road vehicle) and most significantly, where are you able to safely park and photograph the car.

Sometimes car parks can make for gritty or city backdrops, but it’s necessary that you get permission from the land owner should you intend to start photographing on location – a simple call should do the trick.

Should you’d like to photograph a topic that’s a little more unique, you could have a few options. You would consider renting a vehicle, but once more it’s worth double-checking with the owner that it’s fine to photograph it. Alternatively, there are many automotive shows which you can attend – you won’t be able to move the automotive to a location of your choice, however it’s great for close-up and element shots.

Track days will also be a good place to practise your automobile images – a Google search of your local area should reveal your nearest locations. As soon as again, check with the owner that photography is permitted, and if there are any restrictions (akin to the use of tripods).

Best camera for car photography

You will get started with almost any camera whenever you’re photographing automobiles, however for one of the best results pick something which lets you change the lenses – whether that’s a DSLR or compact system camera.

There are benefits to every type of system, so attempt to go for the one which finest suits your needs. If you happen to intend to photograph moving cars, a camera which presents a fast frame rate can be a good idea.

For full-frame, the Sony A9 mirrorless model is ideal for fast-moving subjects as it can shoot at a remarkable 20fps together with AF/AE tracking. You may keep shooting for as much as 362 shots per burst, ensuring you by no means miss a moment.

Different compact system cameras that you may wish to consider embody the Fuji X-T2, which can shoot at up to 14fps, or the Panasonic GH5, with which you can utilise fourK or 6K photo to report at up to 60fps and extract stills.

Alternatively, in the event you prefer a DSLR, the Nikon D500 gives 10fps shooting, which should still provide you with glorious flexibility to seize the moment. If you desire Canon, the 7D Mark II is an efficient all-rounder which additionally affords 10fps shooting.

By way of lenses, there are a variety which work well for automobile photography. A wide-angle lens permits you to showcase the whole vehicle in its surroundings – something which gives 24-28mm is an effective place to start. For APS-C sensor cameras, that equates to between sixteen and 18mm, while for 4 Thirds sensors, look for 12mm lenses.

As well as a wide-angle, a primary lens (particularly if it has Macro functionality) is a good idea for picking out particulars – whether that’s a automotive badge, or dials and buttons on the interior. An extreme wide-angle lens will give you an uncommon look, which can work well for some cars. A telephoto lens will be helpful when photographing from a distance, corresponding to during a track day or event.

Other equipment you must consider embody a tripod, which can are available in useful for a wide range of reasons. Look for a light and portable model, as you would possibly find you’re moving round a lot.

A monopod, such because the Manfrotto Compact Excessive Monopod, is also nice once you’re attempting to take panning photos. A reflector is helpful for directing light onto small details, especially on a bright day. A 5-in-1 reflector such because the Lastolite 75cm Bottletop features a diffuser, which can be used to weaken the impact of problematic shiny sunshine.

Best weather and timings for automobile images

Though chances are you’ll be tempted to photograph cars in bright sunshine, bear in mind that highly reflective surfaces can be problematic to photograph. It’s less of an issue with cars that have a matte surface, or if you can position the automobile so it blocks out any direct sunlight – but it’s still something to consider.

An overcast day can be the right conditions to photograph cars, as the intense sky will act as an enormous softbox without the tough light and shadows caused by the sun. Ideally it won’t be raining, but dramatic clouds can add impact to the background – and raindrops on a car’s surface or windscreen and windows can be used to create an fascinating look too.

Just as with many other genres of pictures, shooting at the golden hour (the hour or so just before sunset) can yield terrific results. You get a golden glow, while the sun is low sufficient in the sky to avoid casting harsh shadows.

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