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Recruiter who shared 'dole bludger' applications is sent death threats

A recruiter has been sent death threats by unemployed Australians after he shared some of the worst resumes submitted to rort the system.

Superior People Recruitment director Graham Wynn said his company received countless bogus job applications from people on welfare who had no intention of working. 

He said rorters were handing in dodgy resumes to meet requirements to apply for a large number of jobs in order to receive unemployment payments.

Anti-vaxxers, part-time university students, and unmotivated high school dropouts were among the welfare cheats he caught rorting the system. 

An Australian recruiter has been horrifically abused online by unemployed workers after he shared some of the worst resumes those on welfare submitted to try and rort the system (pictured outside Centrelink office in Melbourne) 

Some were deliberately applying for jobs they were underqualified for after seeing ads by the agency, which operates in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and New Zealand.

After sharing the dodgy applications and resumes, Mr Wynn came under attack by the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union, which called on its supporters to boycott his business.

‘Such callous disregard for the welfare of the most vulnerable Australians is absolutely unacceptable,’ the union said.

‘When the government unveiled the ‘Dobseeker’ hotline, we predicted exactly this happening: scumbags taking the opportunity to hunt welfare recipients for sport.’

The AUWU called on its members to ‘avoid using Superior People’s service for their own safety’ and suggested they email in if they felt their application were wrongly rejected.

Mr Wynn said he didn’t regret speaking out about those trying to rort the system, even though he was targeted by trolls as a result.

‘I’ve had some horrible emails and phone calls, people saying they wish I was dead, calling me the c-word and a lazy, fat slob,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘They’re angry at the system, I understand that, but I didn’t create the system.If you’re not doing the wrong thing then nothing will happen.’

Superior People Recruitment Director Graham Wynn said his company received countless bogus job applications from those who had no intention of working.He told Daily Mail Australia after speaking out he’s been cruelly trolled online

Mr Wynn said 20 per cent of applications sent to his recruitment agency came from people he accused of trying to cheat the system.

More than 2,000 applicants have been reported to authorities in as little as two months.

One resume contained six measly words – ‘I don’t have a resume atm,’

Another person wrote in their application: ‘I am fulfilling my jobseeker requirements by applying for this role.’

Mr Wynn said his objective was to catch the small minority of people who were trying to rort the system.

‘I’m trying to help those genuine people get work, for the union to tell people not to apply for jobs I’m advertising, isn’t that counter productive?’ he said.

‘If there are people trying to find work they should be helping them.I don’t understand their logic.’

The recruiter said only inappropriate resumes were being reported and it was then up to the authorities to penalise those who applied.

Anti-vaxxers, part-time university students and unmotivated high school dropouts are among the welfare cheats who have been caught out rorting the system to meet welfare requirements

‘Not every person who gets reported gets penalised.There’s only a small minority who abuse the system,’ Mr Wynn said.

In another resume submitted one anti-vaxxer blamed their unemployment on the state government for mandating the vaccine and refused to receive ‘an experiment (sic) drug’.  

‘I was a hard and honest ‘essential worker’ until the Victorian Government mandated that I should not work in Victoria without taking an experiment drug and relinquishing power over my own body,’ it read.

‘Meanwhile the federal government insist that there are no medical mandates in Australia. 

‘In order to maintain the measly amount that I receive in Centrelink, Kaca Tempered I must apply for 20 jobs per month, even though it is unlikely that an employer in Victoria could put me on. Sorry for wasting your time in advance.’ 

A fake resume submitted by another welfare cheat said he had ‘made it 10th grade’ and that he has ‘absolutely no skills whatsoever’.

Some applicants deliberately applied for jobs they were underqualified for including a cleaner who asked for a Materials Engineer position.

The job required the applicant to have experience in laboratory testing and to be accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities.

A part-time university student said they currently had two casual jobs and could not accept another job or else they would lose their Centrelink payment

The applicant only had experience as a delivery driver and cleaning assistant.

Another person applied for a sheetmetal worker position, even though they only had experience working as a babysitter, cleaner and retail worker. 

One applicant was applying for a customer service/administration role that required two years experience.

They simply wrote on their resume: ‘Great communication skills.Customer service.’ 

Mr Wynn said the majority of bogus applications were being sent to his recruitment agency by young men.  

‘I would say the bulk of them are under 25s and under 26s generally,’ he said.

‘They are predominantly male rather than female, definitely under 30s for sure.The more mature ones we get are rarer.’

Mr Wynn said he was actively helping those on welfare who wanted a job but the small minority who were trying to rort the system needed to be reported (pictured Centrelink office in Sydney)

He noted one of the more frustrating groups were anti-vaxxers who had no valid health or religious excuse to get vaccinated.

Mr Wynn questioned whether they should be receiving taxpayer handouts.

‘There are one who say, ‘I refuse to be vaccinated’, those against government mandates, conspiracy theorists,’ he said.

‘If you’re not vaccinated, not for health or religious reasons, then seriously, you won’t get a job.Should you be getting handouts?’ 

Mr Wynn said he’s run his business for 12 years and has successfully helped Australians find work by offering free resume writing courses.

He said it was shocking to learn he’d been criticised for only trying to get more people into the workforce. 

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