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i have a question for you

do you think you need to be going big

dollar and big brand to get a really

nice looking cycling kit

one that’s really good quality i’m gonna

last year do you need to be paying 250


300 us dollars even 380 for a pair of

bib shorts or 150 200 for a jersey

it might seem that way when you look

around at what other people are wearing

these days

and though there are a few alternatives

around that are a bit cheaper the

quality is not as good and

they also tend to be not quite as

stylish but i may just have an

alternative for you

and the name of that alternative is

frontier sportswear

hi guys my name is lee rogers and

welcome to the third episode of

crankpunk rides

and today i’m going to be showing you a

cycling brand a brand

that makes really really good quality

jerseys really nice designs

and they’re coming in at well under 100

us dollars

they also make really nice cycling

shorts good quality stuff that lasts

coming in at about 110 us dollars and

they also make

and they tell me these are pro quality

top of the line shorts

bib shorts for 160 us dollars made of

italian fabric

i don’t know what that means exactly but

it kind of sounds exciting doesn’t it so

today i’m going to introduce you to

frontier sportswear and they’re based in

nehu which is not too far away from here

taiwanese born and bred they’ve been

around for about 12 years and i know

what you’re thinking about this thing

but look at it

it’s perfect i couldn’t resist and then

i realized aptly

for a cyclist i’m sitting in my big ring

i should also say by the way that i’m

getting nothing out of this this video

uh i just like the brand and yeah i

decided to make a video

about them i bought my first piece of

frontier kit about two and a half years

ago which is actually this jersey which

is stood up to the test of time

remarkably well to say it’s my go-to


i yoga sports wear manufacturer ( it for commutes i’m surprised

it’s not falling to pieces to be honest

and they’re really interesting because

the quality of the materials is


so far anyway what i’ve tried the shorts

are really good they make everything

from museets to hats they got urban wear

i really like the designs as well they

make stuff like this

this jersey here is an homage to bananas

and also to harlem you

and we’ll find out a little bit more

about that later on in this video so

stay tuned

they also do custom wear such as this

jersey and socks

these are their very polite please wait

socks this is from their nerve training


it comes in long sleeve and short sleeve

in various colors you see here the gray

and the green

and also in white if you like washing

your kit they also have quite a cool

range of cycling hats such as this one


and this here is their marriage equality

jersey designed to commemorate

the legalization of same-sex marriages

in taiwan

they also make some wallets this is the

leather version and they also have a

waterproof version

and this is just about my favorite

jersey i’m 1972. that’s the year of the

rat this is their gangsha

fatsai jersey it’s wishing you a

prosperous and a happy new year

okay a little segue here but just

imagine if you fancied a new piece of

kit say some

new bib shorts and a new jersey if you

could pop on your bike

ride down to the brand office and pick

up some kit

directly from the front desk and at the

same time

if you were lucky enough as well to be

able to have a chat with the brand owner

the designer and the marketing folk

that’d be pretty cool huh well this

being taiwan as you can probably guess

from behind me

that’s exactly what i’m gonna do in fact

that’s what i’m gonna do and you’re

coming with me because i’m gonna take

you along as well

so let’s go







okay we’ve arrived at frontier and it’s

this pretty innocuous looking building

behind me but right up there on the

fifth floor

that’s where the frontier uh sportswear

brand is so we’re gonna go up and check

them out and come and join me and let’s

take a look

and see what goodies they’ve got in

store today

anyhow uh what’s your roger lee what’s

up tommy okay okay hey lee hey tommy

welcome to frontier thanks nice to see

you again nice to see you again

so tommy uh we’ve met a couple times

before can you tell me exactly what is

your job title

uh i’m the operation manager in print


the operation manager for frontier that

means that you take care of everything

yes pretty much everything i know you’re

also a cyclist as well

yeah you told me earlier you did an mba

yes so it must be nice to

mix your work and your your hobby as


yeah it’s like a train job for me from

my own experience if the more you work

in the bicycle business

the less time you have to ride your bike

right no no

actually i i also go for cycling during

the weekend

okay cool can you show me some of the

interesting stuff that you’ve got and

just explain a bit about the process

and uh yeah just show me some of the new

stuff i’m really interested sure

let’s go thank you i’ve actually got

this kit and i don’t really know the

meaning behind it i got it because i

really like the colors and i wanted to


something different but can you tell me

what’s the story behind this

this is a special jersey that we call

developed with harlem

he’s a local roster here so you can

see the rocker sign here oh okay can you

show that the rock star

what’s going on here this kind of banana

style thing here

you know cycling is all i always

understand that

banana is really helpful to them so we

put on a special symbol here

rock stars love bananas too on frontier

like most bands these days you do

jerseys t-shirts caps

shorts gloves everything and you also do

sort of an urban

and urban wear and this caught my eye i

really like this two zips down the front

so if you get too hot i guess you can

wear your jersey underneath and unzip it

frontier on the back and this is a

really nice feature this is really

four cyclists isn’t it yeah for urban

cycling so this is where holly mew keeps

his bananas

yeah that’s correct you have a new line

as well nerve training yeah

these jerseys are really cool uh come in


black silver

long sleeve as well in the red i really

like that one this one i think i’m going

to get

i’m going to try this on i like this one

it’s not my usual style but

um obviously no no pattern no

very simple yeah it seems it seems a

little bit thick but

it’s designed for the taiwanese

somewhere yeah

actually in the test style they have a

special treatment here so it

makes you feel cool when it’s uh even

riding in the hot

summers so it’s no problem so as tommy

was showing me around earlier i was

lucky enough that brian came in

and brian your last name is franchim

brian fanchang and you are the i’m the


and founder of front here and how long

have you had the company

uh it’s about 12 years

for this frame okay and i can tell by

your glasses which are oakley

on your shirt which is full of bicycles

you’re also a cyclist too

yeah it’s my passion i want to have

my career uh have a good combination

with my passion

and that’s why you started the

background yeah and you told me about

your parents an interesting story

my parents has been in textile industry

for over fifty years

so i decided to have my uh

cycling ware brand front here and

taiwan’s always been

traditionally uh well known for textiles

and for bicycles yes and yet they’ve

never really been put together until you

decided to

to do that yeah yeah i went to have my

uh passion with my family profession

and how did you choose the name frontier


it’s an idea whenever i ride my bicycle

i want to

export my boundary we’ve talked about

lots of stuff it’s been so interesting

that i’m gonna have to come back and

make a bit of a deeper video

about how the people frontier work

together yeah well it’s great stuff

i really like it uh and thank you for

your time

thank you thank you so this is

definitely a race cut

it fits really snug i gotta say it fits

me really well uh fits like a glove


the the zip is really sturdy the collar

is good it’s not too high

i really like the sleeves they feel like

they’re almost not there although it’s

it feels like it’s slightly a thick

material when you first put it on

but actually even in the taiwanese

weather and today it’s about 28 degrees

i don’t feel hot at all so

that’s a plus and then to these shorts


you know when i first put them on i felt

like my pelvis had been pulled in a

couple of inches and it was a bit

disconcerting but

it feels like a really good snug hug and

the lower portion of the shorts it’s

like the sleeves you hardly feel that

they’re there at all

padding is great really comfortable the

straps are my favorite part

and uh i guess the italians can really

make some fabric

you know i would have given an arm and a

leg to be wearing a pair of shorts like

these when i was racing

i feel like i can easily do uh 2 300k in

them they say

they say the best kit is something you

don’t have to think about

and that’s absolutely true in this case


you’re not thinking about them and yet

you have this really sort of reassuring


uh in all the important places and the

guys at frontier they weren’t they

weren’t sort of pulling my leg when they

said that these are pro quality

and now we get the crazy part which is

the pricing now the cost of this jersey

is 80 us dollars which is about 58

english pounds

so that’s obviously a good selling point

or a good buying point

what are those two now the standard

frontier shorts are about 114 us dollars

which is a pretty good price that’s

about 80 english pounds

but these italian stallions as i’ve

taken to calling them are coming in at

about 160

us dollars which is about 115 pounds and


for the quality that you’re getting it’s

a steal it’s a really good bargain

okay so let’s take a look at these

shorts here you can see that upper

section that holds everything together

so well the difference in the fabric

and the lower leg section that is very

fine very light and very elastic

and how that’s stitched to that upper

part the frontier motto

pedal your way and a few little words of


are featured on the inside the chamois

is really very good it’s not over padded

on the sit bones

uh so you still feel the saddle yet it’s

still very comfortable and the front cup

is quite thin which i personally prefer

and there’s some little holes there to

let the air flow through and here are

those flexi

and very comfortable bib straps i love

these things and that was my not so

short review

of the frontier sportswear and a little

look at their office as well

and i will be going back there because

when i went for that meeting we ended up

chatting away for about 30 minutes

and they gave me a tour of the office

and in the back room they have a

prototype space where they can make up


so i’ll be going back there and we’ll be

going through the whole design process

and they’ll be showing me how all that

works so stay tuned for that in a later

video now if you’re wondering why i’m

inside it’s because outside is

abysmal and i’ve been waiting for about

two days now to get this final shot


so it was indoors or it was wait another

four or five days there’s a link to the

frontier website in the description


you can go and check out their website

it’s almost all in chinese if you’re

interested in any of the kit

if you send them an email brian and his


most of them speak english they’ll be

happy to help and sort you out i want to

reiterate i don’t make a penny out of


uh it’s not paid i don’t get anything

for free it’s all part of my desire to

document the cycling culture here in my

adopted home which is of course taiwan

this peaceful

little island if you enjoyed this video

please press the like button and also

please subscribe that would be great

there’ll be more videos coming soon and

again thank you for watching

take care of yourselves and i hope to

see you again soon

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