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Too Busy? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Marching Band

If your child needs a ride, see Mr. Smigell or ms. Kimball and they will try and help you find one. You can also find out more about some of the most famous marching bands. One more note: As you know, it was our intent that when we went to the trimester, we would rehearse on Thursday night from 6 – 8 pm, but it became obvious early on that 2 hours would not be enough time to get the job done during the first part of the season, given the amount of new music and drill that had to be learned. There is a deep growl to start the first song called Blood Omen as there is a new era of death and thrash metal with Germany’s Toxic Trap. The first HOME football game of the season is Thursday, August 26 at Rynearson Stadium, EMU at 8 p.m. Senior Parents: You will need to buy tickets at the ticket booth, then proceed to far end of stadium by Band Bleachers and the gate by the Giant Football Helmet. Report time for the parade is at 5:30 pm at the Band Room (Bus will take us to and from the parade).

A sign-up sheet has been posted in the band room. Click the Handouts Tab, then click the Band Camp Forms folder. Also, if you have not paid in full, or are missing forms this will need to be done at this time. They are quite good and would appreciate the audience. You are cordially invited to our annual Collage Concert, Thursday, April 21st at 8:00 pm in the Howell High School Auditorium. The band achieved a school-record high score of 97.70. Earlier in the season, the band also achieved «1st Place Finishes» in Group II Open at the TOB New Jersey «States» Championship and the TOB Region 10 Championship. Please put in the Band Mailbox for review by our Drum Majors. They join Caitlin Green as next year’s Drum Corps Videos majors! There may be an earlier report time for members of the Jazz Band and Percussion ensemble, as they have some special things to prepare in advance. If there is a conflict, we can almost always work it out if it is in advance! Often the big disconnect isn’t knowing the work or even knowing the big picture. While we are on the subject, if there is ever a time where you or your child has a problem getting a ride to practice or a performance, We can almost always work it out if we have enough time.

Our band is pretty small but we have 2 bass clarinets so yeah, bass clarinets are in marching band. This concert is going to be particularly cool since we will have THE MARCHING BAND PERFORMING for an extremely rare indoor performance (Don’t forget your black socks and marching shoes!!!). Report time for everyone is 6:30pm. This concert is going to be particularly cool since we will have THE MARCHING BAND PERFORMING for an extremely rare indoor performance. For Squad Leader and Newbie Days (see Info Below) please remember to bring a sack lunch, water bottle to refill (labeled w/ your name), sunscreen, dress in light cool clothing, marching shoes and your instrument. Please bring any family or friends to come see them. We will be staying as a group at the game until halftime at which point, students will be dismissed to go back and see the UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MARCHING MINUTEMEN.

She is currently in the process of earning a Masters in Music Education degree from Western Connecticut State University. Due to a new regulation from the State of Michigan, we have to leave Miracle camp before noon on friday, thus we will be stopping for lunch on the way home. We have a plan for a «Grande Entrance». Further, if not for the Navajo Code Talkers and another dozen Native American Nations that also supplied code talkers, World War II might have ended differently. Announcing that the end of the world was to come in 600 A.D., he kindly allowed land-owners and slave-owners to hand over their property to the Church — God would not damn the Church for its wealth — and enter monasteries. From foam, putty, and waxes, to harder material, earplugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. More info to come on the Banquet soon! There is a pep rally 6th hour, a parade at 5 and a game at 7. We feed them dinner in there somewhere, but students will need to come to school WITH EVERYTHING THEY NEED FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. Away Playoff Pep bands will be determined on a game to game basis.

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